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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In 2009: YOU are their health insurance!

In 2000, it was pretty darn clear to me that "George W" was an accident looking for a place to happen. Well, he didn't disappoint in that regard. In fact, he exceeded my wildest expectations. But I didn't vote for Gore, I voted for Nader for several reasons-- 1) he clearly had the guts to take on the REAL problems, which are the ones that both mainstream parties are in denial about, and 2) it was clear to me that the problem had to get MUCH worse before it got better because that's the only way the country and the government could ever get past that mainstream denial.

A HUGE shakeup is needed (and still is) in order to box the ears of government and the populace that supports them into the realization that the system is FUNDAMENTALLY broken and rearranging the deck chairs by voting R or D just isn't doing anything to keep the boat afloat. So I figured George W was just what the doctor ordered in order to show the US just how screwed up it was. No, not just to SHOW them, but to RUB THEIR FACE IN IT.

To be specific, it has been COLLOSALLY irresponsible for the government to allow 1) Wall Street to run the banking system, and 2) Big Pharma to run the healthcare system. That was totally obvious even in 2000, to me at least. Of course, the reason these things are the case is because both Wall Street and Big Pharma together have bought us our government.

One of the big complaints about messing with Big Pharma is that IF you were to, for example, take away their drug patents to open up price competition, there wouldn't be enough R&D money for new drugs. But GUESS WHAT GANG-- we're living WAY ABOVE OUR MEANS in that regard. We simply can't AFFORD that kind of R&D for new drugs. It's clear that the entire rest of the economy must be dragged down to its knees before Big Pharma is allowed to be impacted in any way by the economic downslide. Well, we're getting there.

In the meantime, they're still asking YOU to cut back so that THEY won't have to. They're asking YOU to pay for development of THEIR drugs. No, actually they're EXTORTING the costs of their drugs from you in fact. Geezer politicians figure they NEED those drugs, and YOU are going to pay to get them developed before they die off. YOU are their health insurance.

MDs are addicted to the various forms of PAYOLA to keep them throwing expensive drugs at any and all ailments. PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF!

And it's pretty clear that Obamanomics hasn't got the cojones to fix it. Just look at the proposed solutions to the "Healthcare Problem." See anything that has any real effects on costs at all?

TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND! How much worse will it have to get before you WAKE UP? Stop subsidizing the incompetence, fraud, extortion and other irresponsible excesses that make up both the Red and the Blue parties. KICK THE BUMS OUT! And hold their replacement's feet to the fire to change the laws about political contributions. Give us our government back.